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    Ealing’s Leading Oven and BBQ Cleaning Company

    We have been cleaning Ealing’s ovens and BBQs with sparkle and pride since 2017.

    Ovenlover clean 90% of ovens in 90 minutes!!!


    We are oven cleaning company. We clean all different types of ovens and ranges, including extractor fans and microwaves.  We even clean BBQs.

    Using a specialist system of non-caustic chemicals, we can get your ovens and BBQs back to feeling brand new in no time.

    • Best in business
    • Spotless results
    • Non caustic
    • No job too messy
    • Quick process
    • Simple booking procedure

    Keep your oven clean!

    Did you know that keeping your oven clean can improve its life span!  Here are some tips to keep your oven clean and functioning to its best performance, in between professional cleans

    • Clean up any drips or spills immediately or as soon as possible, so as the grease and food doesn’t become hard and ingrained.
    • Make sure you use the right tools and equipment when cleaning your oven, yourself.
    • If your oven comes with a self-clean function, try not to use this too much as it stresses your oven by heating it to such a high temperature too burn off any food residue.  This isn’t good for your oven in the long run, and far better to book in a professional clean.
    • Fit a surge protector
    • Check your oven door seals are flush as faulty seals can let a lot of heat escape.
    • Lastly never put foil on the bottom of your oven to catch spills as it can affect the condition of hot air inside the oven.


    Oven cleaning services in Ealing:

    • Oven cleaning in Ealing
    • BBQ cleaning in Ealing
    • Extractor fan cleaning
    • Range cooker cleaning
    • Hob cleaning
    • Microwave cleaning

    A lot of our clients in Ealing choose to have a few things cleaned at once i.e., Oven, extractor fan and BBQ. 


    We find our BBQ cleans are really popular in the spring months when people get their BBQs out from last summer, engrained with soot and grease.  It’s quite a messy job if you don’t have the right products, and we leave your BBQ looking brand new.


    How quick will the oven clean take?

    We can clean 90% of ovens in 90 minutes.

    Are your products toxic?

    No, we use all non-caustic and toxic products.

    Can I use my oven straight after?

    You will normally be able to use your oven, depending on the type of cooker you have. Our technicians will advise about everything during their visit.

    Why Choose

    Best in the business

    Spotless results

    No caustic chemicals

    No job too big or small

    Quick process

    Easy booking service

    Bring back your ovens sparkle and shine

    At OvenLovers our speciality is cleaning ovens. In business since 2017, we have been cleaning the capitals ovens with pride and sparkle.

    Our special system of non-caustic chemicals will blast away all the grease and dirt from your oven. We will remove trays and detachable parts, making sure every inch of your oven is free from grease and grime.

    Oven lovers clean 90% of cookers in 90 minutes.